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Edible Flakes - Silver Moon - 6g.

SKU: CTS50213

Edible Flakes - Another New Cake Decoration Product by Crystal Candy.
Available in beautifully created clear plastic containers with appropriate labels carrying information on weight, best before date, ingredients and product description, each contains 6g of flakes, enough to cover an entire 15 inch cake on the top and sides. The flakes are 100% edible containing only FDA/EU approved shellac, potato starch and E171 (Titanium Dioxide) and colours.

•Flakes can be applied by sprinkling onto a moist surface.
•These ultra unique Crystal Candy flakes are 100% edible and a great way to add colour and sparkle to your baked masterpieces.
•Just a sprinkle creates beautiful effects.
•They can do anything from adding colour to baked goodies, to creating a swirls of snow - let your imagination run wild.
•These little flakes are like magic.
•Net Weight: 6 grams.